Fuel Cubby - by Cliff Ruckstuhl
Thursday, 29 April 2010
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Hey Guys,
I did my Fuel Cubby today and am very pleased with the results. It was pretty straight forward on installing it. Below is the photo of the box prior to the installation.
The center of our attention:
Find center, measure for box size and cut out. I drilled my holes in the box flange with even spacing. I used a 4 ½ side grinder with a cutting wheel, cutting the hole in the cockpit wall was fast and easy just need to be careful.

I then took some strips of 3/4" plywood 1 inch wide and 28” for the top & bottom and 12” for the sides.

I then used Silicone and clamped them into place for the screw’s to anchor into. I had looked at some weather stripping for a seal around the box flange but did not like how much it did not compress. I was afraid of cracking the flange because of the seal pushing out. I decided to go with silicone to make the flange water tight and it worked real well.

The beauty of using the screws and silicone is that it will come out if ever needed real easy. I did not go overboard on the silicone just in case it needs to come out.
Having a 2nd person to actually install the box was a great help making sure that the wood was in the right place for the screws to bite into.

I will also be installing a block under it just for support for when it is full of fuel.
And Finally !
Looks pretty good to me, Cliff !

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